Rising Sun Beef

Rising Sun Beef

Grass Fed • Pasture Raised


Searching for Grass-Fed Beef?

Are you in the Cincinnati, Southern Indiana area? Look no further than our family-owned and operated farm. Nestled in the rolling hills of Rising Sun, Indiana, our 500+ acre farm is focused on raising our cattle on the best grass, sunshine and clean water. Our pasture-raised, healthy, happy, stress-free herd equals an excellent, extremely healthy grass-fed beef. As a result of this healthy, free-range biome, our beef comes complete with the micronutrients your body needs.


Remember to ask the right questions:

Question 1

Were the animals just grass-fed or grass-fed AND finished?

Question 2

Did the animals experience the stress of feedlots or did they live in open green pastures?

Question 3

Did they eat the grass they were intended to eat or were they “fattened up” on grains that their stomachs weren’t designed to digest?


We use no hormones, no pesticides, and no herbicides.

When you buy our beef, you won’t be disappointed!


Our Mission

Our mission is to produce great-tasting, high-quality, wholesome beef through the finest ingredients - grass, sunshine, and fresh water - the way nature intended cattle to graze. We’ve been at this for over 25 years and our cows have never been happier or healthier! It is great to wake up each day and love what we do; providing an excellent, delicious, healthy source of protein for you and your family.