Rising Sun Beef

Our Farm Story

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We are Jay Meyers and Ray Kersey, a father and son who share a great passion and love of cows, and a dedication to our customers, our neighbors and the environment. Our family-owned and operated 460+ acre cattle farm, nestled in the beautiful, rolling hills of Southeast Indiana near both Ohio and Kentucky, is truly a labor of love.

We raise our beautiful Angus with the utmost integrity. Our animals are 100% grass-fed with constant access to freshwater and pasture. We are non-GMO, steroid-free, antibiotic-free, pesticide and herbicide-free. Our animals are treated with the best care and attention.  We believe we should restore the healing power to the earth by practicing the most ethically and environmentally sound farming possible.

Our goal is to make excellent meat at an affordable price. Although we are not certified organic, we believe our practices are of a higher standard. We are constantly striving to create and improve the living environment that was intended for our Angus.